In Part 1 of “How to get your first 100 Subscribers on YouTube!” we targeted on selecting a niche, building up your collection of videos, and releasing content material on a consistent basis. In Part 2, we will go a bit deeper into extra ways you can get over the 100 subscribers mark on YouTube. Also, once you hit a hundred subscribers, you will be capable to free up the ability to create your personal channel URL. So, let’s get into the tips!

Tips on How to Get a hundred Subscribers on YouTube!

  • Practice your modifying and sketch skills
  • Focus on making content material for a precise target audience within your niche
  • Be willing to examine from mistakes, tweak, test new content, experiment, and repeat!
  • Learn from the biggest channel in your niche
  • Develop your channel’s branding

# 1 Practice Your Editing and Design Skills!

As you begin making music videos on YouTube, you will naturally start to improve your video modifying skills. If you are having hassle getting the most out of your video editing program, then search YouTube for tips. Also, typically on the internet site of the editing application you use, there are regularly tutorials on how to use it better. Also, consider purchasing a direction from Udemy or be part of Skillshare to upgrade your enhancing skills.

Imovie and Filmora (for PC) are outstanding amateur enhancing programs. Adobe Rush is also a quick and simple to use program for editing. When you are ready to develop your skills, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Pro are all extra problematic expert applications that encompass picks for colour grading, including extra stages of audio, and movement graphics. DaVinci Resolve has a free version, so that may be tempting for many. I would say for a amateur avoid Adobe Premiere Pro as it can have a more challenging gaining knowledge of curve.

As you start promoting your YouTube music video, be sure to gain some picture sketch abilities as well. If you are the usage of Canva to create thumbnails, test out videos on YouTube on how to get the most out of Canva. Photoshop and PicMonkey are popular packages for creating thumbnails, as well. Thumbnails are greater important than ever so don’t skimp on making a beautiful, attractive thumbnail. If you favor to examine extra about useful abilities to promote your YouTube Channel, take a look at out this article by clicking here!

#2 Focus on a Specific Target Audience Within Your Niche!

So, in Part 1 we mentioned selecting a niche. Now in part 2, we will talk about the significance of defining your target target market or goal subscribers. If you choose to reach a hundred subscribers on YouTube, you need to focus on a unique audience! As Sean Cannell and Benji Travis from the channel Video Influencers, says,” If you attempt to reach everybody, you quit up achieving nobody!”

For example, if your niche is entrepreneurship, it is good to define what age group you desire to focus on. A right way to select an age team is to figure out what age team you can great reach. Typically an age team close to your own age is ideal. You can enlarge the group to 5 years above and beneath your personal age. If you are 25 years old, you will probably high-quality reach an target audience between 20-30 years old. Naturally, you will have some youthful and older viewers, however your goal target market will in all likelihood fall into the 20-30 years ancient range.

Another instance of a huge area of interest is weight loss, but there are many specific audiences for weight loss. If you are a 45-year-old female, your target target market will probably be interested in weight loss for women over forty If you are a 22-year-old male in college, getting in shape, your audience will extra in all likelihood reflect college-age males. So you will favor to encompass videos that are of hobby to that audience.

These are just some tips to assist you select your ideal target market so you can focal point on the nice content to create to attract your ideal viewers and attain subscribers!

#3 Be Willing to Learn From Your Mistakes and Improve in Every Video!

Gaining your first a hundred subscribers is now not constantly quickly and easy. During this time, you will be growing a lot of content, frequently for the first time. You will have the possibility to enhance every time you create a new video.

Some questions you can ask your self as you create are:

Did I pique my viewer’s attention at the establishing of the video?

How used to be my editing?

Could I enhance on the lighting?

Is my audio clear?

Was this video too lengthy or too short?

Was this video relevant to my audience?

Did I consist of calls to motion and engagement?

Have I blanketed attractive B-Roll?

I covered relevant hyperlinks and information in the description?

Does the music add or take away from the video? Is the quantity too loud?

Always be reflecting and thinking about approaches to improve your content material and channel. The next tip will assist you do that as well!

#4 Learn From the Biggest Channel in Your Niche!

So you favor to attain 1000 subscribers on YouTuber? Well, a true location to begin is by means of analyzing other channels that are comparable to what you prefer to do. How many subscribers do they have? Study what you like about their videos, branding, music, and colors. Use that to assist you determine how to do your movies and brand your channel to stand out.

Check out their thumbnails, fonts, and titles. They will help provide you ideas to create your very own as well. Of course, do no longer copy their style, but help it to advance your very own special style. Check their most famous videos, beneath the video tab. That will give you some ideas on famous videos you should create for your channel as well. Studying successful channels in your niche, and past can supply you ideas on how to make your channel higher and get your first 100 subscribers!

#5 Nail Down Your Branding!

Branding capacity determining what colors, fonts, logos (optional), music, and overall vibe your channel resonants with your audience. Is your channel light and brilliant or darkish and moody? Select images, fonts, and colorings that help reflect that. That way, when a viewer sees your video scrolling via his encouraged feed, they will understand your branding and comprehend it’s your video except even seeing the channel name!

Why You Need Branding!

Developing your channel branding also sends a message to casual viewers that you are serious about your channel and have taken the time to come up with a branded theme and style. When viewers observe this they are greater probably to subscribe. So take the time to sit down down and brainstorm the branding of your channel. If you want ideas, YouTube is full of movies on how to help you manufacturer your channel!

So, in summary, here are the 10 tips for helping you reach a hundred subscribers on YouTube!

Pick a niche that offers value

Build up a library of 10-20+ videos

Make quick quick tip fashion videos of 3-5 minutes length

Release content material as soon as per week

Don’t count on YouTube!

Practice your enhancing and plan skills

Focus on making content material for a unique goal audience

Be inclined to analyze from mistakes, tweak, test new content, experiment, and repeat!

Learn from the largest channel in your niche!

Develop your channel branding!

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