A career in human resources opens a wide range of opportunities for an individual. Human resource management is one of the most important departments of the organisation. They carry out various internal and external functions such as the hiring of the employees, training and development, administration and payroll. Their role is to maintain the well-being of the organisation so that it functions smoothly. Having a career in human resources is very beneficial, It is one of the most growing career paths right now.

Are you looking for a human resource job in Hyderabad? In the era of digitalization, every organization prefers to use online job search websites to hire quickly and save time. Find human resource jobs in Hyderabad can be a hell of a task. Competition is taking over everything. You have to be ready and on your tips to apply as fast as you can so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.  We have got you covered! In this article, we are going to tell you about the ten of the best job portals that can help you land HR jobs in Hyderabad. Let’s get started!

The top 10 Job Searching Websites are as follows – 


Indeed is used by more than 200 million job seekers. It is one of the largest platforms in 2021  for job hunting. Every minute tons of companies post their opportunities. Their services are free of cost. You can easily sign up and apply to Human resource jobs in Hyderabad. They also provide salary comparison tools.

Monster –

Monster is a similar website as Indeed. They are the second best organisation to find jobs,you are just one click away.They help you in finding the right job and the right career for you. After making an account you will be able to access email alerts for new jobs and newsletter.

Glassdoor –

Glassdoor has more than 1 million employers and 7 million job listings on their portal that can help you find a job easily. Create an account and upload your resume to get a list of opportunities that suits your profile.

LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is like Facebook but for Professionals! It is the largest professional networking website and mobile application in the world. Unlike other websites, it allows you to make connections with other professionals and recruiters directly. Once you have completed your profile you can start applying for jobs. The best thing about LinkedIn is that if your profile is well-optimised recruiters may message you regarding the job opportunities.


LinkUp was founded in  2009 where employers can post their job listings. They are the link between the employer and the employee and create a premium experience for both parties. They stay up to date and provide opportunities according to your field. It is a fantastic site for job seekers. We would definitely recommend you to check out LinkUp.

AngelList –

AngelList is the best site for jobs if you want to work in a startup. They associate with pure transparency when it comes to wage range and communication. You will be directly in touch with the recruiting managers and the CEO’s themselves. You have to submit a cover letter as a part of the application process.

Scouted –

Scouted is widely used by companies and job seekers. Recent graduates can apply to internships and entry-level jobs easily. Create your account and upload your Resume and your profile links. When you apply to any position through scouted you are required to fill some questions, it’s not mandatory though it can increase your chances of getting an application viewed by the employer.

Naukri – 

Naukri is one of the most popular and oldest job portals in India founded in 1997. It is accessed by millions of people daily and The portal was launched in 1997 and is accessed by thousands of job seekers daily. You only have to upload your resume and your work is done, you can also build a visual resume on their website to apply directly. A tight resume can grab the employer’s attention instantly.

Shine –

This portal is managed by HT Media Limited which is a newspaper company. You can find all jobs for all careers easily. The SHINE website and the mobile application offers its services for free. Some of the awesome features they provide are advanced job search,job alerts,option to hide resumes, and live chat support.

TimesJob – 

Last but not least we have TimesJob Managed by the time’s group. It has over 30 million users. The best feature about TimesJob is that they recommend jobs according to your profile. Is it recommends jobs and companies based on a candidate’s profile?

So finally we discussed the top 10 best job portals that you can apply for human resource jobs in Hyderabad. You can apply at all the job searching platforms that we have mentioned above for a human resource job in Hyderabad. Keep applying! Don’t lose hope if you are not hearing back from the hiring team. It can take time but we know you have the ability to land in your desired career. We hope this was helpful to you! All the best!

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