Freelancers rule a part of the market through their excellent promotion skills. Some experienced freelancers have established their own channels and are connected to some big names or brands. Some run marketing campaigns on the above-mentioned ad networks – basically outsourcing the work of companies. However, some of them are fraud and offer very less compared to what they charge.

You must always be cautious before hiring a freelancer for your YouTube music videos promotion. You must research on the web about the freelancers and make comparisons before hiring someone.

You will be able to find some proficient and experienced freelancers to fulfill your needs in the below-mentioned platforms.


This is one of the world’s largest platforms for freelancers – you can get in touch with numerous freelance marketers through this platform; however, you must try to avoid those with lower ratings and also the low-bid contractors.



On some occasions Fiverr can be really good and on some, it can be terrible. It depends on who you are paying and what kind of service are you looking to avail of. If you aren’t cautious enough then you might end up hiring bots.



This platform is similar to Fiverr – it is filled with professionals of social and search marketing. You will come across people who are ready to promote any content, through the use of both legal as well as illegal methods. You must ensure to choose and hire freelancers carefully.



Although this network has gone through its share of legal controversies, it can use good techniques in its promotion campaigns. Promozle focuses on the promotion of YouTube videos through its integrated network of various partners sites.


Recently, this platform did face some backlashes from the public – however, you would still come across some professional freelancers who will do your work just fine. Well, many have moved out of this platform and created their own private websites.

Video Boosters Club


Video Boosters Club, although a small network, is raved by users and is flooded with great reviews about its services. Their service costs might be low at $10 but this small engagement has proved beneficial and advantageous for many. All their views are real and organic and will not be purged in audits.

Promoting YouTube music videos is a tricky job and if you are not accustomed to it, then you must always hire a professional. The internet is a place where you will get in touch with many highly-experienced companies/people as well as some who use fraudulent methods for YouTube promotion. And thus, you must always make sure that you are not investing in the wrong place.

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