Social media has been playing a crucial role in advertising campaigns irrespective of the industry. Various social media platforms are available across the web; however, some of these are relevant to YouTube promotion and some aren’t at all.

For instance, displaying ads on LinkedIn won’t work for YouTubers unless they are involved in marketing or business. So you need to find out the best social media sites to promote YouTube videos. Here are some sites which are the places for video promotion.



Both Facebook and Instagram have been designed following the same set of algorithms. Being the most targeted and largest ad system to exist across the globe, Facebook is already the best choice for anyone who wants to post ads. On the other hand, Instagram is more cantered on visual pleasure, which is more suitable for content like music videos.


If you are looking to promote your YouTube music videos, then what can be a better option than YouTube promotion service providers. With the help of any professional video promotion service provider, you can promote your videos across the internet and on YouTube.


Although the engagement factor through Twitter isn’t as great as Facebook, yet it can be used as a useful option for promoting your YouTube content. You must produce a plethora of ads as any content on Twitter loses its credibility within hours, and thus, your YouTube music video might lose the chance of appearing on the trending list very quickly.



Usually, ads on StumbleUpon aren’t as effective as other platforms, as the attention span here is extremely short. However, if you are able to produce highly engaging visual content, then it might catch the attention of the visitors of Stumble, and YouTube content has always gone viral on this platform if noticed by enough people.


If you are able to find out the right sub, then Reddit can turn out to be the perfect platform for any kind of content. You must post your YouTube content on a regular basis and if they like it, you can proceed to invest more in ads.


The benefits of Pinterest ads are pretty similar to that of Instagram, which is visual-centric. The only disadvantage here is that the promoted pins do not possess the extension of variety and control that is offered on Facebook/Instagram. And thus, you have to work hard and put in a little more effort to earn the exposure.

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