Tech employing or enlistment in the IT area is at a consistent high. It is additionally an extremely serious area where each organization needs to surpass the other to acquire the best IT experts. This creates a choice for the applicants to apply to the highest paying IT jobs in India and extraordinary advantages for its workers.

In India additionally probably the greatest IT organizations and IT enrollment specialists of the world have set up their seats. So let’s discuss the top 10 highest paying IT jobs in India which would definitely pay you for the efforts you put in.


Google is the name that shows up on the rundown of the top 10 of anything. It’s not simply an organization, but is a brand name. Pretty much every growing IT work searcher longs to work for Google. It has been seen that Google pays its workers 40% more than other IT organizations. A new worker in Google is probably going to get a starting package of something between 5 to 38 lakhs rupees.


Adobe is a major name in programming, known for its rewarding compensation bundles for new workers just as experienced applicants. Freshers working here can expect a yearly compensation that can go from 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Likewise, the pay raise following a couple of long stretches of involvement can go even up to multiple times.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is an organization which works in the space of systems administration and security equipment. In Dollars, it gathers an income close to 5 billion. It puts its computer programmers into four evaluations that are grade 1, 2, 3 and 4. In light of these evaluations, the experts can procure a yearly pay going from 4 lakhs to 23 lakhs.


Not referencing Microsoft in a rundown will be a major human mistake. Tech savvies from one side of the planet to the other pursue getting some work in Microsoft. Obviously, it is a big organization and has the highest paying IT job in India. A computer programmer or a tech advisor can procure 12-18 lakhs in Microsoft India. It is higher than most organizations offer to its workers for a similar occupation job.


Intel is probably the greatest name in the microchip unit of Information Technology. It produces incomes as high as sixteen billion dollars. Intel’s chips are utilized in most PCs being created today. The normal pay in Intel India is around 11-12 lakhs.


CISCO is known all over for its enormous networking. Notwithstanding, India has reliably ended up being one of the first class and high-performing markets for CISCO. CISCO is a main organization in cloud IT foundation and gives one of the highest paying IT jobs in India. The normal pay is 12-6 lakhs.


Honeywell has gone all from hiring the candidates, to holding them and guaranteeing that they are useful. The yearly compensation bundle goes from 8 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Aside from this Honeywell guarantees that its representatives have an extraordinary working environment to work in and various advantages.


Amazon is an internet business retail monster and the main thrust behind its activities is different parts of IT. That is the thing that makes Amazon perhaps the greatest selection representative of IT experts. An IT proficient working for Amazon gets a mean pay of 13 lakhs.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is probably the greatest name in Investment banking. Nonetheless, it is likewise probably the greatest spotter of IT experts. Goldman Sachs India extends to worthwhile open positions to IT experts. The normal pay of an IT representative in this organization can be 10-12 lakhs.

Tower Research

Tower Research is perhaps the most conspicuous name in monetary administrations. It has a worldwide presence and works on a hot seat in India. It utilizes a gigantic arrangement of IT administrations and consequently is recorded as one of the most lucrative IT occupations in India. A programmer or a tech expert can pack a normal yearly pay of 25-30 lakhs.

These are the top 10 companies which offer the highest paying IT jobs in India. But money or pay should not be the only thing to be considered while finalising the job.

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