Netflix has a vast collection of movies, and each and every movie surprisingly turns out to be interesting. Well, they do excite interest in the hearts of many viewers. But, it would be very wrong to say that each and every movie present on Netflix is worth watching; no, they are not, and that’s the truth. And the task of choosing which movie to stream from a deluge of movies can turn out to be a real pain in the brain.

So, a list of best movies sounds attractive and appealing enough, where you will have all your best films listed, and all you will have to do is scroll and read while you are relaxing. And guess what? We’ve got you covered. Here we have created a list of the best 10 new movies on Netflix and poured all our hard work into detailing what these movies are about. It’s time for you to sit back and scroll while enjoying the list that we have curated just for you-

Army Of The Dead

So, a movie based on zombie-infested Las Vegas, engaging enough? And of course, it is a quarantined Las Vegas; our stars who are playing outsiders here have to enter this quarantine area and steal dollars, actually millions of it before a nuclear bomb is dropped on the city.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

A dysfunctional family is a good topic to make a movie on, and yes, this movie is interesting enough and should be watched. In this movie, a dysfunctional family had to go on a road trip and ended up in the middle of a machine apocalypse.

The Woman in the Window

Who does not like psychological thrillers? And this movie is one such psychological thriller which you must watch. A woman with agoraphobia thinks she saw her neighbor being murdered, but people tell her she is simply mistaken, well is she?

The Whole Truth

Oh, legal thriller! We just love it. While trying to defend his teen client, who is accused of murdering his wealthy father, a defense attorney unveils many unsettling facts.

Jungle Beat: The Movie

An animated movie again, what will a homesick alien do when it crash-lands near a too colorful and beautiful jungle of Africa.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

People just love animated movies. If you have watched The Secret Life of Pets and loved it, then you will surely love watching this sequel. Here the pets go on a trip to a farm and come across farm animals.


The fact that the movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger is enough to make you watch it. This movie is loosely based on ‘And Then There Were None.’ The struggle of the DEA team leader is shown here when he discovers that his team members are being targeted after their act of stealing money from a cartel raid.

Blue Miracle

And an inspirational drama is essential to keep you motivated. This movie is about kids and their guardian trying to win a fishing battle so that they can save their orphanage.


An Animated movie again, we love these, and we know you love these too. Ever thought about aliens invading earth? Yeah, this movie is just about that and about the friendship between an alien and a young girl.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Let’s end this list with an animated film. So, the characters from ‘Madagascar’ discover that they are stuck in Europe.

A list for you containing the top 10 new movies on Netflix; start streaming now and enjoy.

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