Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. From search engines to smartphones they have been the largest players in the market. It is the most visited site used by billions of people every second. Google’s mission is to make information organised and universally available, so that it can be useful to people and can be accessible. They want to improve the life of the people by the products they make. When it comes to the recruitment and selection process, they don’t follow the old school process. The most important quality they are looking for in an employee is individuality.

Google offers the highest paying jobs round the world. They give equal opportunity to everyone and believe in taking care of employees and rewarding them consequently. Do you want to land your dream job in Google in India? We have made this ultimate guide which will help you prepare for your interview for a job in Google in India. Let’s go my friend!

How to prepare for jobs in Google in India 2021-

Make a Tight Resume and Cover Letter –

The best way to document your experiences and accomplishments is by making a resume and strong cover letter. Many may not notice but it is the most important step in building your career. Your resume should contain all the necessary details such as your educational background, skills and certificates. You can also mention your personal projects and volunteering activities, it can make you look like you have developed skills through activities also you are passionate and hard working towards your dream job. If you have graduated recently, you can include on campus leadership experiences.

 Make sure to convey in a format which is appealing and easy to read. Don’t use unnecessary jargon. Go through the job description and highlight your key skills in the resume and cover letter. This will increase your chances of getting a job in Google in India and create a good impression.

Pre – Preparation before the interview –

The key to a successful interview is the preparation behind it. You should be ready with your material a week before the interview. Conduct your research effectively about the company, your job profile and who will be interviewing you. Visit their website and social media accounts so that you know their basic details. Make a list of questions that you think will be asked and also write your questions which you may want to ask the interviewer. Knowing about the organization and asking relevant questions will show your seriousness and your chances for a job in Google in India will be more. If you practice, Practise makes the man perfect. Practise as much as you can. Record yourself, ask a friend to help, if not, do it in front of the mirror as simple as that but make sure you present yourself confidently and sound optimistic about the job.

Body language –

During an interview your body language plays an important role. It can help you make or break your career in seconds and you won’t even know. Do you guys remember that saying in school; “Action speaks louder than words” that is very true. To crack a job in Google in India you need to master the art of body language. From the moment you enter the room or say hello on a telephone call, everything from that point is considered as the start. The way you hold and showcase you leaves a significant impact on others. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer, Keep your posture straight. Use hand gestures as it is a common sign of openness and honesty. Do not fidget with your body or anything; it’s seen as a sign of nervousness and distraction.

And here we are, this ultimate guide will help you to crack jobs in Google in India. Google is a big company and it wants the best of the best candidates. The whole process can seem frustrating and tiring but do not let the storm of pressure take you away. Keep applying for jobs in Google in India with patience and persistently and surely you will crack it someday.

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