Human Resource(HR) has become a premium area for job seekers. The demand has risen many folds over a period of time. HR jobs are now considered as one of the most popular areas of the profession and are being taken up as career prospects by thousands of individuals. The job is not only considered as satisfactory but also has fulfilled the criteria of highest paid jobs in industries.

If you are in search of companies which offer a handsome prospect in HR jobs Bangalore, then the following list of HR consulting firms can stop you from searching further and also will make it easy to achieve your goals.

Nexential Solutions Pvt ltd

This company is emerging as a provider of HR jobs and it is based in Bangalore. Their only goal is to say ‘Yes’ to all your wants and needs. They have various services to provide start-ups as well as enterprises. They ensure that you get the best quality service, 100% client satisfaction and on time delivery of services.


This is an award-winning cloud based service provider of HR jobs in Bangalore. They charge no setup fees, no expensive maintenance fee, etc. It is a very convenient one. They have no such needs to help you with your problems.

Appmocx Pvt ltd

They work on the Moto of single-partner-connect to answer all your requirements. This is a service provider of HR jobs in Bangalore. They will consult you, manage your needs and deliver you the exact service required for answering your queries.

Prolific HR Consultant India Ltd

Prolific HR is an associate with DTDC group. They have a holistic approach towards everything and their tendency of continuous research and development makes them one of the best service providers of HR jobs in Bangalore. They have an affordable price rate for the kind of service they provide their clients.

Shiras HR Advisory and Services

Shiras is one of those service providers of HR jobs in Bangalore that offers you unique recruitment options along with a favourable choice of HR services. They have a lot of experience in this field and also they are one of the best at understanding candidate needs.

Metro HR Consultant

This is a service provider of HR jobs in Bangalore. Their clients rely on them for the recruitment process completely. They can manage “hard-to-fill” working positions in a very simple way as they have a lot of experience in this field. They have been working since 2010. They help their clients overcome the challenges that they face in attracting or interviewing and retaining Junior and Middle & Top Management professionals.

Staffio HR 

This company is good at making connections. They make their clients connect with brilliant and exceptional people who will help the client’s brand get known to others and will help their client’s brand gain the value that it needs. This is what makes this service provider of HR jobs in Bangalore one of the best.

TeamPlus Staffing Solution Pvt ltd

This company provides exceptional recruitment services. They provide their clients professionals who can prove to be excellent. They have more than 10+ years of quality experience and provide high quality service.

Ultrabot Innovations

This company plays a big part in many start-ups. They have a large amount of stakes in them. It is one of those very active service providers of HR jobs in Bangalore. It works on  IT Solutions, including web and app development, Staffing & Recruitment.

Silver People

This service provider of HR jobs Bangalore is a venture by Uberlife Consulting Pvt. Ltd. They will provide you with all kinds of 100% solutions for any kind of recruitment problems. They provide brilliant service and are very experienced in this field. They have affordable service charges too.

This is an excellent list of service providers which provide HR jobs Bangalore. Go to their sites and check all their guidelines before applying for recruitment or being a client. All of these companies look at their clients as their kings and hence they take a lot of care of their wants and needs. These companies can be your ultimate solution.

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