It is quite frightening, but at the same time, fascinating to look at how rapidly technology is advancing and changing the world. With this speedy growth, new career opportunities are being created, once what career choices used to sound trivial now is making youths go crazy over them. Digital Marketing is one such career option.

Digital Marketing is a skill and it has to be learned, and various sites do offer digital marketing courses, but you will have to pay for these, not something a newbie is looking out for. Thus, just for you, here are some of the best free online digital marketing courses with certificates. Go and grab the best free course for yourself now

Inbound Marketing Course By Hubspot Academy

A very interactive course offered by Hubspot Academy. In the course, Inbound Marketing, a student will learn all that is important in the world of business to promote a brand. And yes, you will get free certificates after you complete the course and attempt all the quizzes. This is one of the best free online digital marketing courses with certificates.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

What’s better than learning from a certified company? And a certificate from Google can impress many. This marketing course covers everything important, and everything that needs to be learned. You can complete the course whenever you want to. And yes, you will get a free certificate too.

edX’s Digital Strategy and Action

Edx is another best course provided and the Digital Strategy and Action offered by edX is a very impressive one. One can learn so much about digital marketing by taking this course. Though you can complete this course totally for free by auditing, you will have to pay for the certificate.

Coursera’s Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Coursera is another great course provider and is trusted by many. Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies is one of the best courses available, and anyone interested in learning everything they can about digital marketing and various marketing strategies should take this course.Though they will not provide any free certificate, if you really want a certificate, then you can apply for financial aid.

Learn@Forbes’s Digital Marketing Strategy

This course is what a beginner requires, offered by the finance publication. It covers all the basics of Digital Marketing, which is the best thing for you if you are a beginner. The only thing you should remember is that you can access this course for free for a 14-day trial period, and you can get a certificate with a monthly membership.

LinkedIn Learning’s Become an Online Marketing Manager

This course is not for beginners. It is for those students who already know a little something about digital marketing. A student will learn how to apply what they already know about digital marketing to advance in the world of marketing. You can access this course for free with a trial, and yes, after completion, the certificate will be yours.

Edx’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Edx is here for you again. Uncountable people trust this course provider. You will learn all that is required to succeed in the digital marketing world. Though this is a paid course, you can audit the course and read it for free, this will make the whole course free to read.

Alison’s Free Diploma in E-Business

The name says it all. Offered by Alison, the course is the best, in its own way. A diploma in E-Business can make you stand on top of the world of business. You will have to pay a fee for the certificate.

Upgrad’s Digital Marketing Free Certification Course

This quite new but totally trusted course provider offers the best Digital Marketing Free Certification Course and the course is taught by the best.

Great Learning’s Digital Marketing Courses

A very brilliant course provider, Great Learning is. You will learn very important things from the digital marketing courses offered by them. And yes, you will get a free certificate too.

Find the best course for yourself from the above list of Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates, and do remember that certificates are not always important to prove your skills.

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