In the Tech Pro generation everyone wishes to have a Luxurious and smarter way of living. When talking about smarter living options, One puts all efforts to automatism and innovative stuff. Smart home gadgets not only make your life easy but interesting and secure too. Gone are the day’s where you had to fiddle for every small thing. Here’s the drive to gadgets every smart home should have.

Arlo Pro3 Security Camera:

  •     Easy to install.
  •     2K HDR.
  •     Works with Alexa.
  •     Colour night vision.

Arlo, With a 160° viewing angle keep an eye on everything that comes to your home. It has an Integrated spotlight which activates manually or automatically with motion. Colour night vision along with 2K HDR  which provides clear colour sense even at night. The best thing about the Arlo security camera is it’s fast and easy wireless set-up. Features weather-resistant design which means you do not have to worry about heat, rain, cold, etc. Charging camera is made easier than ever with the magnetic charge cable.

Ring Video Door Bell 2:

  •     Sends alerts to your smartphone
  •     Works with Alexa
  •     Easy to install

Ring Video Doorbell 1 was a big hit in itself. Soon 2 was launched with portable design, loud sound and Low power consumption. It allows you to watch video on your mobile from your doorway. Counts to the smartest of all smart home gadgets. Today it’s not at all surprising to miss an online package dropped at your door. Yes, this gadget makes it convenient to keep an eye from elsewhere and show who’s coming to your door in your absence. Gadgets give thievery a big No..!

WYZE Door Lock:

  •     Easy to install.
  •     Works from anywhere.
  •     Automotive sensors.

Widely used smart locks allow you to lock or unlock the door from any part of the world. You can use your regular keys. The WYZE gives you the history of when and how many times your door has been opened. Door position detection feature lets you know the door is locked and closed. It has a built-in sensor which detects the position of the door. Hence, you need no separate sensor. Easy installation on single cylinder deadbolts. You can easily share WYZE lock with friends and family to enter your home in your absence.

Amazon Echo Dot:

  •     Voice-controlled speaker
  •     Works with Alexa
  •     Compact in size

You can enjoy the convenience of smart home gadgets as it is really simple to set-up. Connect to a power source then connect to Wi-Fi and register using the Alexa app. The work is done now and you enjoy music, news much more. It has the most popular smart speaker with 360 degrees sound. You can just ask Alexa for music, news, scores, weather, alarms, kids rhymes and stories. Alexa is ready to help you. Alexa also understands Hindi now.  You can connect other speakers using Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable Or simply go for crisp and clear built-in speakers.

Hue Edison Filament Smart Bulbs:

  • Voice-controlled.
  • Energy reduction.
  • Colour changing.

Add vintage to your modern lifestyle. Yes, these smart bulbs not only provide warmth but also add classic elegance. Can connect to Alexa or Google assistant. Adjust brightness according to your mood. These retro-style LED smart bulbs to combine the look and feel of simple vintage design with the power of Philips Hue smart lighting. The best feature involves a control system from your smartphone. Can also connect to echo dot.

Nest Learning Thermostat:

  •     Alexa compatible
  •     Helps save energy
  •     Control from your phone

Connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi and change the temperature from your preferred device like phone, tablet or laptop. It proves to be energy saving. The feature shows the Nest Leaf when you choose a temperature which saves energy. It guides you in the right direction. This feature is counted best among the smart home gadgets as Early-On Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it. Altogether is the best option to get your home’s temperature according to your liking.

The above article will definitely give you an idea about the Smart home gadgets that are just not functional but also demand a generation. One should not forget the threat that comes along with the technical connectivity. You need to educate yourself with steps taken to have good secure technical relations. As smart devices store a lot of personal data therefore, smart devices are prone to an abundance of security issues, that can put your data or property at risk if you’re not careful. So educate yourself and enjoy a secure and smart life with smart gadgets.

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