A proper guidance to your career in digital marketing. Explore all the details of the top digital marketing courses in India.

In this era where everything has found a way to the web, so business marketing has taken upon the lead. In this era of digital marketing, one needs to be in sync with the new courses provided online. Hence below is a compiled list of some of the top digital marketing courses in India.

  1. Upgrad
  2. DigiGrad
  3. Simplilearn
  4. Digital Vidya 
  5. Google Digital Marketing


This course is booming in the field of digital marketing. Being only 6 months old it has proven its worth by training 300+ marketers in their digital learning batches and establishing itself in the field of digital marketing courses. Their teaching style is based on 3 patterns – learning by unique aspects in digital marketing scenarios, expert lectures from the top industrialists, and real-time implementation in the market. The leading instructors of the course are from MICA. Their mode of training is purely online with 5 month PG certification in Digital Marketing and communication. This certification is worth every penny for the investment of digital marketing. Apart from the training they also provide you with certification and further help from MICA.


It is a hybrid course consisting of digital training in a classroom environment. Their center is in Bengaluru right now. It is an initiative of Social Beat. They offer the Certificate Program in Digital Marketing that is tailor-made for beginners, entrepreneurs, and marketing novices alike. The course is 12 weeks long and has 7 advanced training modules with application-oriented modules. They also offer the learners with internships and live projects with India’s Top Brands. It was an initiative of IIM alumni.

Get an SSL in minutes, from $3.44


It is a San Francisco based online platform for digital marketing. Earlier it was introduced as a product management blog but later the website turned its way into training individuals. With lead instructors like Nick Bathla, Digital Marketing Regional Trainer at Google, they offer 400 training courses for the digital marketing newbies. The courses come in two packages – first, the self-paced learning, which gives you the comfortability to learn from your own space and speed. And the other is online Flexi-pass where the courses are conducted over the digital platforms. Their main course includes Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training (DMCA) program that will help you with master tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the way of reaching the masses using them.

Digital Vidya

This course focuses on digital marketing and data analysis. It is the leading company in Asia for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics training. Digital Vidya offers a range of 9 certifications stretching over both weekend and weekday batches. If you are starting with your journey to Digital Marketing as well as you are someone who has just changed the career you can definitely opt for their 6 months Digital marketing course costing of Rs. 49,950 + tax.

It’s key trainers include Aashish Chopra who is an award-winning viral video marketer and Kapil Nakra, co-founder of Digital Vidya.

Google Digital Marketing

In this time Google is providing with its free certification of Digital Marketing. This certification not only boosts your CV but also proves to be a well-recognized course in the industry. With some top leading professors teaching the course by real-life experiences it makes the course more interesting as well more valuable. This course includes everything from starting the business to how to make it successful online. Hence, also paving a way for the young digital marketing intern to explore the field with their new business.

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