As it is said “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and times like these when we are all stuck in our homes fighting a pandemic, it should be our utmost priority to keep the brain and the body healthy. In today’s times all we need to do is adapt to a simple routine to keep ourselves in tip top health condition.

1. Lifestyle: Increasing workload, unhealthy lifestyle, junk eating and stress are some of the main reasons why our health is depreciating so much. These reasons are not only the prime factors that contribute to the unhealthy lifestyle but they also increase the chance of various diseases that are occurring to us due to the low immune system. So, to avoid the red risk we all need to do is to have a check with your health to keep it to the top.

2. Move the Body: Everyone these days is either sitting in front of their laptops or their TV screens, hence leading to a very unhealthy body shape. Due to the lack of exercise the body posture of most of the individuals are affected. Hence moving around a little bit may help from this.

3. Control Your Appetite: Being bored and eating overtime may also prove to be one of the main reasons for the health issues. So, all we need is a good food manual to follow religiously to keep us in shape.

4. Indoor Exercise: During this days one can learn a lot of things and to keep the health in check we can practice one of the best indoor exercise i.e. Yoga. This small practice may lead you to a better lifestyle as well as it has many other benefits to your skin, hair, mental health and definitely to your body. Yoga can be practiced in any amount of open space or in your own room along with a mat.

5. Home Workouts: You can also try the home workouts by some famous fitness trainers. They have provided ample amounts of material that can be done over the course of time to make you fit and rejuvenated.

6. Rigorous Workouts: Intensive workouts like training for your abs, core and full body can come as a rescue for the amount of the fat growing in the body.

7. Food Schedule: Along with the workout one can also follow the trainer’s amazing food recipes to keep the health in check. Even these fitness trainers have a workout challenge so get up and make this the best time to take those pending gym lessons from the new year resolutions.

8. Home-made Healthy Food: Staying at home and eating all the home-made food may also lead you to have an uncontrollable diet but one needs to make sure that whatever they are offered in the palate should be healthy.

9. Avoid Unhealthy Diet: We should avoid too much oily food or carbohydrates as they will act as a storage system for the fat in your body. You should always try and have some fruits and salads in the diet.

10. Food with Nutrients: You can try and include various vegetable shakes and juices in the diet plan. So, click away the unhealthy lifestyle and subscribe to the healthy mantra.

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