Do you need to promote your YouTube channel? YouTube receives 100 hours of video per minute, so something must be wrong.

Fortunately, there are some fairly easy and efficient ways to increase YouTube traffic for your videos since it’s fairly easy for your video to get lost in the enormous YouTube galaxy.

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The following advice will help you get more clicks.

1. Pick your thumbnail wisely

The thumbnails you choose for each video matter more than you would realise. People will notice it as soon as they search for your movies. So it must be “click-worthy” in order to be effective.

Alternatively, make it appealing. When you post a video to YouTube, you are presented with three thumbnail options to pick from. But if you want something more eye-catching, you may customise and upload your own. It has a big impact.

2. Review your video description and title.

Your title is obviously crucial for capturing viewers’ attention, but it can also enhance your search engine rankings and should undoubtedly increase traffic to your channel. Use an SEO keyword generator to find ideas, research your niche to determine which terms competitors are using in their videos, and build keyword-rich video titles to rank for that keyword in YouTube search.

The initial term you use should be pertinent, like a keyword, and you should continue by using the content of the film to develop a keyword phrase. While your title should be brief and to the point. You can be a little more descriptive in the video description.

A mini-post that succinctly summarises the subject matter of your video, your URL, and a keyword phrase can all be included in the description.

3. Make an original background image

Give your material a sleek channel design to go with it. In addition to the theme and colour options that YouTube offers, you can upload your own background image to help you stand out from the competition. Your background image can also entice visitors.

4. Make Your Best Video “Featured”

On your channel page’s main “Featured” window, YouTube automatically displays the most recent video you’ve uploaded. This is good for people who post frequently, but for those who post less frequently, it is occasionally preferable to choose another movie to take up that space.

This is how: Select “Featured Content” from the left menu under “Channel” in your “Creator Studio” settings. Then select whether you want to use the most recent video that was uploaded or a different video or playlist by clicking the “Feature Content” button.

If a featured video already exists, you must first select “remove” in order to make changes.

5. Adding Channel Tags

Let’s tag! This is as important as adding keywords to your video tags. You’ll draw the viewers to you, and you may discover this in the My Channel menu’s settings option.

6. Consider the Comments

Get your audience involved. Read the comments on both your channel and the videos you’ve posted, and be sure to reply.

Do not forget to tidy up after yourself. If you don’t remove or report spam comments, it can appear that you’re not paying attention to your channel.

7. Recent Activity is a circumstance where everyone wins.

Display your recent YouTube activity. When you “like” or “favourite” a video on YouTube, this action will appear in both your own “Recent Activity” box and the content creator’s “Recent Activity” box.

It’s an easy approach to network on YouTube and it might drive traffic to your page.

Owners of videos who have liked or bookmarked them are more likely to click through and view your content in return.

8. Listeners enjoy playlists

Instead of having a series of individual videos, create playlists of your videos. Start with your most well-liked or recent videos to pique viewers’ attention, and then give them free reign to browse both new and old content.

9. Make use of cross-channel advertising

Cross-channel marketing may be a very successful strategy for directing people to the desired location, in this case, your YouTube channel. You could write blog posts with links to and embeddings of your videos that discuss topics connected to your YouTube channel. The blog posts (as well as your new and old videos) can then be distributed to your opted-in blog or YouTube channel subscribers as well as other email lists via a biweekly or monthly newsletter. Even your social media accounts can be used to promote YouTube video and the blog pieces and, of course, your films. You will be able to attract and keep followers from a variety of channels using this circular sharing. 

You can try outsourcing blog writing and social media content management to specialised writing services or marketplaces like if you are short on time (considering keeping a YouTube Channel is a major work).


As you can see, a little really does go a long way. And they are effective. Simply give them a try and see if you can increase YouTube traffic to your channel. Try our marketing video maker if you are concerned about video editing; it’s simple to use and will give you the confidence to get started.