The most commonly used meeting place in the house can benefit from the use of colour and pattern, material experimentation, and individuality through the use of a kitchen backsplash. It’s also a smaller commitment than selecting a kitchen tile floor and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to remodel if you change your mind and want to try something different. Here are some Ideas for Kitchen Backsplashes in Every Style and Price Range.

View these creative kitchen backsplash ideas to get inspired and make your kitchen a topic of conversation.

Update the graphics

A soft geometric black-and-white patterned backsplash separates the vibrant colour blocking and helps to keep the design looking light and contemporary in this happy pink and green kitchen by Dabito at Old Brand New.

Employ sheet metal

A rough hammered sheet of warm, bright copper is contrasted with a distressed dark wood wall in this rustic-chic kitchen by Jersey Ice Cream Co. to create contrast and a focal point above the stove. It’s a fantastic example of how to use strong, noble materials thoughtfully and sparingly for maximum impact.

Green Tones in Layers

Shades of green on the walls, kitchen cabinets, and glossy backsplash tiles create an earthy, peaceful ambiance in this classic English country kitchen created by deVOL Kitchens. Terracotta pots, rich wood, and brass accessories complete the look.

Create texture

White backsplashes don’t have to be bland or functional. Shiny white Moroccan Zellige clay tiles in this appealing kitchen design by Laura Brophy Interiors offer texture and contrast to the warm woods used for the floor, island, cabinetry, and chairs.

Strive for the top

In order to create a backsplash and accent wall simultaneously for this A-frame Texas lake house, Erin Williamson Design extended the geometric black-and-white tile all the way to the ceiling. Countertops in black finish the neutral colour palette.

Penny Tile is reliable

In this kitchen, Charlie Coull Design employed a penny tile backsplash that, from a distance, appears to be a plain white wall but, upon closer inspection, reveals subtle texture and a play of light. The classic, understated tile selection complements the contemporary white quartz worktops and light wood cabinets in this kitchen just as well as it would in a vintage one.

Alternate the Squares

To lend a contemporary twist to this traditional family kitchen, interior designer Jojo Barr of House Nine used straightforward square white tiles with black grout that were put in a staggered pattern. With its modern refrigerator, retro-style oven, artwork, taxidermy, and antiques, the kitchen design successfully balances old and new components thanks in part to the tile, which more closely resembles wallpaper than a useful backsplash.

Combine warm and cool tones

An extensive backsplash made of mirrors in this opulent beach house kitchen by Decus Interiors, an award-winning Australian company, accentuates the use of metallics, wood, and stone in the open-concept room.

Accept Greige

This open-plan kitchen’s big format subway tile backsplash by Chelius House of Design has an earthy character that blends well with the room’s beige and grey colour scheme and enhances the wood, leather, and woven accessories.

Decorate the tile

Any modification, no matter how little, can have an unanticipated domino effect that results in unanticipated consequences, which is one of the everlasting realities of house improvement. The new bright white cabinets Laura Gummerman from A Beautiful Mess installed in her kitchen made the brown tile backsplash appear even more worn-out. Even though she wasn’t ready to replace the backsplash tile, she had to act. She decided to make a quick and inexpensive DIY improvement by painting the existing backsplash a vibrant turquoise colour.