Getting 70 cents per ball instead of 7 cents makes it a bit more interesting if you’re dealing with smaller quantities. For that kind of money, you might not mind getting into a pond, at least not if it’s in Wisconsin or Maine in the summer. If you’re not a diver, or you don’t find more than a few hundred balls at a time, you might consider retailing the used golf balls yourself. Golf ball brands spend thousands of hours and dollars each year working hard at the science to improve their golf balls. And with how many golf balls are lost each year (one estimate suggests 300 million), that’s a ton of pollution. Maybe you would once you realize you can make hundreds of dollars daily working in golf ball recovery. If you don’t want to get wet at all you can approach a golf ball recovery diver and buy used balls to sell. Your Turn: Do you know anyone who has collected and sold used golf balls?

Who would want a job with risks like that? It’s also super-soft off the clubface on full shots for those who like that sort of feel. If this sounds like too much trouble, you might consider the non-diving method of collecting golf balls. Take a look at my guide to breaking 90 and see how to think your way around the golf course better. If you want to see just how affordable, and aren’t too proud to use balls from less prestigious brands, take a look at my guide to the best cheap golf balls, sold direct to consumer. The Srixon UltiSoft golf balls. As the first golf balls from this brand on this list, we want to share the Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls, which are specifically made for quality and designed for performance. The Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls. How the Srixon Z-star and Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls compare. Hideki Matsuyama, Cameron Champ and Shane Lowry all play the Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball.

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls. This way, you never feel the heavy weight on your shoulders. You won’t gather those used balls as fast as divers do, but you might still make some extra cash, especially if you sell your finds the right way, which brings us to… With the large sweet spot on the driver, we noticed that even off-center strikes, which a growing golfer will often experience, that the club still held a line that created exceptional distance and reduced sidespin. The necessary gear will cost you quite a bit. When users don’t know quite what to do, or just want a little bit of fun help in making routine decisions, such as where to eat lunch or what color pen to use, our custom logo bridgestone golf balls imprinted 8 balls will be there to provide the answers. When recovered and cleaned up, these used balls sell for as little as six cents wholesale and up to $1 or more retail. Offer a few pennies more per ball than he normally gets wholesale, and then retail them on eBay for a nice profit. Golf balls are more suited for the high winds and the long yard distances and this is why not a lot of people can afford the sport golf due to the high priced materials needed in golf in general.

In a game where everything counts, picking up some of the best golf balls available is a relatively affordable way to improve your game, too. Considering the price of new golf balls in the market today, buying lake balls is a cheap way to enjoy the game. Bagging the very best golf ball for your game could be the difference between an average round and a great one. What we think is that if you’re thinking of buying Kirkland Signature golf balls as a cheap alternative to the premium golf balls that you love, think again. The Callaway Strata Voodoo Golf Balls are new for 2018 and will cost you less than $15 for a dozen. Having some decent golf balls is certainly not a hindrance, especially if their flight characteristics suit your style of play – within the rules, of course. Or, if you’re Forest Rothchild, who was followed by a local news crew, 9,000 balls in a day. Other sources of used balls include rummage sales, friends who no longer golf, and anyplace you can get them cheap. When you ask people which new ball you should play, how many times do they tell you to ‘Use the money for balls to get lessons instead’?