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With people still being urged to and everywhere operating on limited routes and schedules, having an e-bike or  might make sense for essential — it’s an easy way to drop needed goods off with vulnerable family and friends as . Or perhaps you want to cover longer distances faster than walking or gob led screen maybe you have been looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint — all good reasons to consider a rideable.

I’ve learned a lot from testing different types of battery-operated rideables, some tested before the outbreak, others more recently, on a commute through sections of midtown Manhattan, or down the . 

This roundup, which I’ll update as I review more products, covers electric scooters and skateboard-like devices.  get their own list. Why would you want a scooter over a more traditional bike? Electric scooters are nimble and smaller, and are easy to take on , leave in the trunk of your car or store at home.

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