YouTube videos can serve as a hub for business expansion. YouTube videos can make it easier for people to find your business.

A YouTube video series can be made out of content like blog posts, infographics, and podcasts. It can help give your best youtube promotion a fresh perspective and increase audience engagement by making it easy to understand. However, let’s move on to the strategies for increasing YouTube channel views:

1. Cross-Promote If you have a large Facebook following, people will be eager to subscribe to your YouTube channel if it is presented correctly.

Take, for instance, a company that successfully implemented the “build-up” strategy when it launched its brand on Instagram. To promote their cosmetics brand, the Glossier team used photographs of their inspiration boards and models wearing everything from branded stickers to hoodies with just the company name on them.

They have achieved success ever since, despite the fact that their initial video did not go live until after the year that the company was founded.

What are they doing correctly when creating content? The brand promoted the #GRWM series, or “Get Ready With Me,” across all of their other social media platforms after it gained popularity. On the brand’s YouTube channel, they have also organized the series into a playlist.

The significant action items that we can take from the Glossier brand send off are:

A teaser about your new project, such as the upcoming activities on your YouTube channel, should be shared with your existing followers on other social media platforms.

After you’ve gone live, make a specific series, like “how-to videos” or “product videos,” that your audience can relate to.

The videos should have unique hashtags. Put them in playlists on YouTube.

2. Engage Your Followers Interacting with prospects and other brands is a great way to ensure cross-promotion on social media. Keep in mind the worth of this step.

Make sure you respond promptly to people’s likes and comments, whether you’re doing so directly on YouTube or one of your other social media platforms. Additionally, don’t stop at “Thank you!” and proceed; Try to get a conversation started. Inquire about what they would like to see in your next video and whether they have any suggestions for how it could be improved.

Your fans will be more likely to engage with you as a result, and if they feel that you are paying attention to them, they will be more likely to share your content with their peers. When they know you listen to them, they’ll feel appreciated and valued. Additionally, they will be much more likely to remain committed to your brand across all channels.

Statusbrew Engage can assist you in effectively connecting with your audience. It keeps track of your conversation and makes it easier to respond. All of your channel conversations can be consolidated into a single inbox.

Your entire channel portfolio is sent straight to one inbox. You can also use Engage to assign conversations to your coworkers, keep track of team activity, and share internal notes.

The feature that detects collisions doesn’t send out duplicate responses. You can assign the conversation to your team and hide, delete, or report both organic and paid comments with the automated moderation workflow provided by Statusbrew. The network, keywords, and sentiments can be used to set the custom rules for automation in your inbox.

3. Concentrate on YouTube Video Thumbnails After creating your video, you should concentrate on YouTube video thumbnails. It makes it easier to spread the word about your video on other social media platforms. Think of the thumbnail on YouTube as your channel’s business card. It appears on your website when potential customers share a video or search for a particular video.

You can create a one-of-a-kind and actionable YouTube thumbnail with Canva to increase channel traffic. Canva will assist you with the remaining proportions once you have submitted the necessary specifics.

You can go through the accompanying agenda to make convincing thumbnails:

Explain the subject matter of your film in succinct language.
In one of the bottom corners, place your logo.
When considering color, use colors that complement one another or make them BRIGHT.
At all times, keep your brand consistent. Make your movies instantly recognizable as your brand by using the same font style, color scheme, and overall structure.
4. Utilize your existing Instagram fan base to promote your YouTube channel by sharing promotional content on social media. Keep the content interesting to keep your audience interested.

Share a “behind-the-scenes” video to get your Instagram followers to watch your YouTube videos. If you share a healthy eating blog post on Facebook once a week, mention that you will soon post a YouTube video showing some fitness tips to go along with your new blog food plan. The content is different, but the tone is the same here.

5. Organise a Contest People enjoy competitive events. If done correctly, it can help you get more new subscribers to your YouTube channel and provide you with a lot of cross-promotion on Instagram and YouTube.

The Vans Custom Culture can serve as a source of inspiration. They know how to run social media contests that work. Additionally, you can look into brands like Addidas.

6. Monitor Analytics