Summer is a difficult season for your skin. The scorching heat and scorching sun can be harsh on your skin. Pollution and other environmental toxins deplete the natural shine of your skin, leaving it greasy, drab, and blemished. Continue reading to find out how the summer affects your skin and what you can do to keep it beautiful and healthy. Here is your skin care tips in summer.

What Effect Does Summer Have on Your Skin?

The activity of the sebaceous glands can be increased by higher temperatures paired with humidity and heat during the summer months. Dry skin appears rough and uneven, while oily skin appears oilier. The intensity of the sun’s rays contributes to tanning by increasing the production of melanin pigments. While most people understand that increased melanin equals darker skin, few people associate scorched skin with ageing and cancer. The heat can also open more pores, which can become blocked with debris and oil, trapping germs and resulting in acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face.

How to Look After Your Skin During the Summer

This is what you can do this summer to take care of your skin:

1. Think about switching up your face wash

As you go from winter to summer, remember to switch up your facewash. In the winter, a nutritious facewash suffices, but in the summer, you’ll need a face wash that can remove excess oil from your skin. If you have dry skin, you should use a non-foaming cleanser.. This would also be great for combination skin. To keep your face clean and fresh, wash it frequently throughout the day.

face wash

2. Make Antioxidants a Part of Your Facial Skin Care Routine

During the summer, invest on a decent antioxidant serum. An antioxidant serum not only hydrates your skin, but it also protects it from environmental damage. It promotes collagen formation and protects the skin by scavenging damaging free radicals. It’s a fantastic summer skincare suggestion for combination skin as well as regular to oily face. Remember to incorporate antioxidants into your skin care routine by including them in your diet. To have younger-looking skin, eat citrus fruits, green and leafy vegetables, green tea, almonds, and nutritious grains.

3. Maintain Skin Hydration

Summer is the time of year when your skin requires both moisture and hydration. Invest on a nice hydrating mask that you may use twice a week. To repair, rehydrate, and soothe your skin, wash your face first and then apply the mask as advised at night. A mask can be used to address specific skin issues such as dryness, acne, and oil. Choose a suitable mask and use those extra 10 minutes to rid your skin of worry, exhaustion, and blemishes.

4. Regular exfoliation for smoother skin

Exfoliation is essential for glowing, smooth skin. It eliminated dead skin cells and dulling skin debris. This debris obstructs the skin’s ability to breathe and might clog it up. Use a natural home cure like coffee grounds mixed with oil and sea salt to exfoliate. Remember that exfoliating your entire body, not just your face, is necessary. However, when exfoliating your skin, you should use caution. If you over-exfoliate, your skin may become damaged, and you may develop rashes. Exfoliators that are gentle on the skin are best for people with sensitive skin.


5. Always use sunscreen

Sunscreen should be your best friend during the summer. Choose one that has a broad ultraviolet spectrum (between 30-50 SPF and covers UVA and UVB rays). If you plan on spending the entire day in the sun, reapply every three hours. Cover your hands, feet, shoulders, and neck completely.


6. Use Less Makeup

Summer calls for a lighter makeup application. Wear minimal makeup to allow your skin to breathe more easily. Humidity and heat stress the skin by inhibiting its ability to breathe. Avoid wearing anything heavy on your face. To give your skin a rest in the heat, try a tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm, and organic kajal.

7. Use a Toner to Refresh

A good toner can aid in the closing of open pores. To avoid oil buildup in open pores, this is especially crucial in the summer. Because the t-zone of the face has the most sebaceous glands, it will appear slickest during the summer months. Pay careful attention to this area when toning your face. Use a mild and refreshing toner with cucumber or aloe vera.


8. Use a Different Moisturizer

In the summer, you’ll want to switch out your heavy cold creams and shea butter-rich moisturisers for something lighter. Do not believe that your skin does not require moisture throughout the summer. Summer skin care necessitates a lightweight, non-greasy cream that is appropriate for the season.

9. Drink a lot of water

The most vital component of healthy skin tissue is water. It keeps your skin’s suppleness, softness, and luminosity. Carry water with you wherever you go and drink at least 2-3 litres per day. Water is also necessary for flushing toxins from the skin via sweat and urine.

drink water

10. Always remember to look after your feet

The majority of our attention is focused on our face because it is the first thing that others notice. But keep in mind that your feet carry you about all day and require attention. Exfoliate your feet on a regular basis. If you plan on wearing open-toed shoes, apply a moisturiser and sunscreen to your feet.

feet care

Always carry a cooling mist with you in the summer. To keep your skin cool and hydrated, spray it on every few hours. Cucumber juice can be extracted and mixed with rose water and mint to prepare one at home. Spritzing it on your face in the sweltering heat will provide significant relief for both you and your skin. Also, take cold-water showers during the summer. This will keep your skin from drying out and itching.