Our Top 10 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

The Florida Academy understands that not all hair types are created equal. Because hair types, textures, and thickness vary so widely, you must pay attention to your hair to help it shine and grow healthy. Here’s a collection of hair care recommendations to help you give your hair some much-needed TLC. Here are some Hair care tips for maintain shine and grow healthy hair.

Water should be lukewarm


We understand that showering in blazing hot water seems quite pleasant, but your hair (and skin) disagree! The intense heat depletes your body’s vital oils, leaving your hair dry, lifeless, and prone to frizz and breakage. Use lukewarm water as one of our most fundamental hair care recommendations to acquire that clean feeling without the side effects.

Shampooing Your Hair

Shampooing hair

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, less is more. As a result, shampoo should only be used on the scalp, where dead skin cells and hair oil production are concentrated. If you wash your hair any lower, it will become too dry and lose the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Ends of Hair Care

It’s one of the most widely circulated hair tips for a reason: it works. Apply your conditioner only to the ends of your hair when you reach the hair conditioning stage of your shower. Excessive oil build-up will occur if the hair is longer than mid-length.Comb your hair ends while you apply conditioner to keep your hair light and bouncy.

Wet Hair Comb

comb hair

We wanted to underline our final point: for wet and damp hair, use a wide-toothed comb!Your hair is more prone to breakage when it is stretched out from retaining water. Work your way through your tangles and broken hair strands with care and gentleness.

Use Heat Shielding

Using a heat-protective spray on your hair before using hot products like blow dryers, straightening and curling irons is one of the best hair care tips—but also one of the most overlooked. Even after the styling has worn off, you’ll still like how your hair appears! If you follow this rule, your hair will thank you.

Hair Should Be Air-Dried

Allow your hair to air dry whenever you have the opportunity to avoid using heat on it. We understand that it makes you feel more put-together, but excessive heat might cause long-term damage. To attain that clean look, consider using wet or damp hair treatments like curl mousse and anti-frizz spray.

Silk for sleeping

Because of their coarser texture, cotton and linen pillows can cause unwanted hair damage. As you sleep, its extreme absorbency may even eliminate part of your overnight hair treatment products. To easily promote appropriate hair upkeep, invest on a silk or satin pillowcase and sheets. For similar reasons, you might want to consider using a microfiber towel to dry your hair after a shower!

Alter your hairstyle.

Do you need instant volume? Simply change your centre section to a side part, one side to the other, and so on! It may seem like an easy repair for a hair lift, but the alteration allows you to shift the weight of your hair around, allowing your roots to be exposed and free to better hold your hair up.

After Ponytails, Unwind

Ponytails are a versatile hairstyle, but having too many of them might be detrimental. Strain and breakage occur when your hair is pushed taut every day for long periods of time. Wearing lower and looser ponytails, letting your hair down, loosely utilising a hair clip, and swapping out hair elastics for gentle scrunchies are some of the greatest hair care techniques to help with this.

Keep your hair hydrated.

Hair, like skin, is at its healthiest and strongest when properly hydrated: this applies to all hair types. Apply a dollop of leave-in hair cream to damp hair length and ends to wear during the day or wrap for overnight sleep.Your hair will be lovely and well-managed when you’re done!