Stock trading can be real business if you dig into it properly. It does not just bring in big amounts of money if stocks are bought and sold properly but it is very interesting to deal with. Nowadays you do not have to go and buy stocks physically like olden days. We have an online share trading app in India just perfect for the work.

You will have to use a lot of brains to make business via the stock market. Here is a list of online stock trading apps in India and these rank in top 10. Have a look.

Zerodha Kite Online Share Trading Mobile App


In the ocean of share trading apps in India, Zerodha Kite emerged as one of the best shares trading apps in India and also it has a tight grip on the throat cut competition. Hence you must have this application in your cell phones. To use this application, you just have to go to the play store and install the application on your phone. Then you just have to register by opening an account using your email id. They will suggest you a list of shares that you can add or delete as per your preference. For enabling your facility to buy shares and not just look at them, you must have a balance in your Demat account. After you buy shares, you will see funds piling up in your account on your name.

5Paisa Online Trading App

This is another level of online sharing trading app in India. The application is owned by 5 paisa discount brokers. It charges low and the charge is 10p per executive order. It has quite a lovely feature and its guests log in. You do not need to log in by giving away your personal details to have an account there if you are not comfortable. Again, you will need a demat account with a minimum balance to earn through shares. Once you start buying and selling shares via this app, you will see funds getting transferred in your account. You can make an account for free.

Upstox Pro App

It is probably ranked second when it comes to the best online share trading app in India. It is a very heavily featured application. It gives you the feature of universal search for all kinds of simple and complex stocks. It enables you to leverage trade from the chart. It is known as Leverage Trade from Chart (TFC) feature. Also set unlimited price alarms for your betterment. Create your own personal watchlist even if it comes to 10 years old data.

Angel Broking Online Trading App


You can say it is the most experienced app you will ever see. This app with thirty plus years of experience is one of the best online share trading apps in India without any doubt. This was one of the first apps to step in the Indian market and this makes it one of the best share trading apps in India. It provides loads of services like insurance, mutual funds, brokerage, etc. Here the charges might be a little high but they promise first class service in return.

Edelweiss Online Trading App


This app is among the list of highly rated online trade sharing apps in India. It has a very good reputation. Its brokerage plan supports both investor categories as well as trading categories. This application has more than 4300 sub brokers countrywide and it is highly compatible with various kinds of mobile platforms.

StocksKart Online Trading App


Identifying themselves as no profit brokerage makes it a must-try online stock trading app in India. It contains a feature of two mobile trading apps called Stoxkart Classic and Stoxkart Pro. You must have a Demat account for this app too so that you can see your funds there. Has various affordable plans for investments.

Astha Trade Wave Trading App


This is one of those online share trading apps in India that supports trading in equity and F&O. The app helps you in the better screening of the best of the best shares for buying and selling. The Portfolio provides three good options: current positions, holdings, and cash (transfer funds to your account and so that you can transfer funds to other accounts too).  

Fyers App

This online share trading app in India has various features and supports segments like equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency. The features include Market Scanners, Market Analytics, Market Watch, Buy/Sell, Index Watch, Holdings, Positions, Quotes, Charts, Order History, Account and details. It needs a Demat account too.  

ANT Mobi – Alice Blue Mobile Trading App


This is an extraordinary online share trading app in India. As the name suggests, it is made by Alice Blue. It has real time market data and has a really easy tool that will help in analysis. Orders are really easy to place. Again, you will need a demat account.

Samco StockNote App

For buying and selling stocks through this app you must have an account here and a Demat account. This app will give you features that are convenient for your buying and selling of stocks and F&O contracts in Equity, Commodity, and Currency market are available for a trader. Also, it has price alerts settings so that you do not miss a thing.

There are mobile applications for everything nowadays. Hence you will find a lot of good online share trading apps in India and start trading. These applications are definitely worth your time.

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